This is interesting because I always used Firebase Cloud Functions to set up my webhook for all of the Actions On Google projects I have ever built, of course, including for GDG Kozhikode’s Action.

Cloud Functions makes it so easy to manage and deploy webhooks for Actions. You can even use the inline editor given in the Actions On Google Console, one click, and “BOOM!” your webhook is up!

And now, what if we can host the webhook on our own server? Won’t that be super cool? So, let’s start this!

1. Create an Action

First things first, let’s start with creating an Action.

I know, it’s not the dark side of the internet. But, seriously recently I had a case where I really have to implement a password reset feature in the app.

And I was using Firebase as the backend. As we all do, I searched the internet and always headed back to the Manage Users page at Firebase docs.

So, in this article, I’ll be explaining how you can implement the most common use case of Firebase Auth: sign up, sign in and password reset in your web app. (Well, similarly in native apps too)

Setup A Web Project in Firebase Console

As always,

Hola! Surely, Actions On Google & Dialogflow are pretty amazing platforms when it’s being used to create the conversation flow. Always think of creating a richer voice experience for your client to get things done across Google. I have been helping my friends and my circle of AoG dev enthusiasts to build Actions and guiding. Google Assistant is now available on more than 1 Billion+ devices that includes Assistant enabled smart speakers to smart displays. So, it’s important for you to deliver perfect content for all of your users. …

Welcome back! I’m so glad to have you here again!

Actions can be very useful in some cases. For example, as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, think you’re running a local business, to say, a local bike repair shop. It’ll be a super heavy task of handling your clients by managing a lot of phone calls to make appointments or giving info about your business. Let’s post a brand new agent for this. Now, things have been changed, all the above-mentioned tasks are done by your Action, and you’re more happy with your business. Today, we’re going…

Hey geeky AoGDev,

Are you using Sublime Text? Let me tell you, I love Sublime Text. It’s a really amazing one. I always need to code less. Think, what if you got a brand new idea right now, and ready to build an Action? You suddenly go to AoG Console, set up a new project, give it a cool name, and what? Want to code something to build up the fulfillment, uh? As usual, you open up your favorite IDE and start coding. Memorizing the initial steps to make the fulfillment active.

Now, here we go. As mine, is Sublime…

Hey Devs,

Now, let’s talk something super amazing about Actions On Google. Do you know that you can manage your agent’s response with SSML? By using SSML, you can make your agent’s response seem more life-like. Yup, SSML is a super amazing one! Let’s dive into it.

SSML stands for Speech Synthesis Markup Language. I think that all of you are familiar with HTML, which is a Markup language for web browsers. In the same way, SSML is the markup language for synthesizing speech on the web or some desktop or mobile applications, and for us to build a super…

Actions On Google

Hey, flocks!

So, you’re here to know about Actions On Google! First, let me go through some simple terminologies. I hope you all are very familiar with the Google Assistant. Personally, I love her so much!

You know, the Google Assistant was launched in the io16, the annual developer conference conducted by Google. Google Assistant was introduced to help users across the world right when they needed. Just talk with her by saying, “Hey Google”! …

BatteryManager API

This API lets us keep track of the system’s battery charge level. This API is obsolete. It works only for some browsers.

First, we need to know if this API is available on the clients’ browser.

‘BatteryManager’ in window

This will return true only if BatteryManager is available on the clients’ browser.

Now let’s check its properties:


  • BatteryManager.charging
  • This will return a boolean value indicating whether or not the battery is currently being charged
  • BatteryManager.chargingTime
  • A number representing the remaining time in seconds until the battery is fully charged, or 0 if the battery is already fully charged.
  • BatteryManager.dischargingTime
  • A…

W3C Payment APIs

W3C Payment APIs is an emerging standard being developed by the W3C to simplify online payments. You can use them with any browser, any payment methods or service providers. This brings this APIs more development simplicity, deployment consistency, and future compatibility with emerging payment technologies.

This API simplifies the checkout flow so that users/consumers can easily purchase items. And for merchants, this API makes it easier to implement with a variety of payment options already filtered for the customer. Since this API supports any payment method, it allows relatively easy integration.


These APIs are standard and open to anyone. It…

Access User Location!

Hi all, the Geolocation API enables our website to use the user location. You can use this functionality for things like guiding a user to their destination or geo-tagging user-created content, for example, marking where a photo was taken. In this article, I’ll cover how you can ask and access your user location.

📍When to use Geolocation

First, let’s talk about when to use the Geolocation API. Geolocation API can be very useful to find where the user is closest to a specific physical location to tailor the user experience. What if you’re running a newspaper service? You can use the Geolocation API to…

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